Release Notes: 01/20/2017

What’s New Version ∞2017.1.20:

  • Added new WebCenter functionality to allow customers and vendors to communicate regarding an order candidate (this does not log a message in Enterprise.) The messages can be seen by both customer and vendor contacts that have access to the candidate. Access to the messaging functionality is controlled by a new WebCenter config called "Allow Vendor/Customer Messaging." After the config is updated, messages can be logged and viewed on the order page by selecting the “Candidates” option in the order details and clicking the message link. For Customers, messages can also be viewed in the employee tab by selecting “Candidacies.” (Note: if the “Candidates” button is grayed out, the “Candidate Statuses” category in the config tab may need to be updated.)


  • Users can now delete multiple invoice corrections on the same invoice.
  • When adding a new worksite, selecting previous will no longer cause an error.
  • Updated the postfill for the Basic Info page in HRCenter. If an employee selects a State that is different from the Tax State on their employee record, the StateJurisId will now be removed. 
  • During the setup of a new user for HrCenter in Enterprise, users can no longer enter an invalid password that will be rejected when attempting to sign into HrCenter.
  • Modified the self funded BenAdmin imports to allow importing dependents with either no DOB or no SSN.
  • Now, the employee contact methods page (Details -> Contact Methods) will only show contact methods marked as employee relevant. The employee visifile will still show all contact methods.
  • Fixed an error regarding Enterprise Evaluation searches. Previously, when opening an Evaluation from a Customer record, a different employee record could have opened.
  • When creating a new message using the bubble icon on the employee visifile in the assignment section, the cursor focus is now set to message action.
  • Previously, when the GLSalesBy config was set to order type, it was overriding the contractor sales account with the order type sales account.  Now, GLSalesBy will only override based on order type if the NeedByGL bit flag on the order type is set to true.
  • Prerelease schema for TWAPI V3 has been added.


  • On the Admin Tenants page, removed the test button by the modify template option, this button was not functional. Also, the text in various areas has been improved for clarification.

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