Release Notes: 06/02/2017

Version ∞2017.6.2:



  • When registering an ADP paycard, users would previously get an error stating invalid phone number if a phone number was entered like “(xxx) xxx-xxxx”. Now users will no longer get that error and the phone number will automatically be formatted to xxx-xxx-xxxx instead.
  • Added the paged combo box to search for employees in the Merge employees dialog. This search function will operate the same as the assignment quick add does currently.


  • Change accrual display in standard check style. When processing two checks with the same check date, the accrual amounts will display accurately.
  • Previously, if you changed an applicant's username before they finished a workflow, the workflow would no longer be available for the applicant to finish. A 500 server error would appear if a user attempted to reject the workflow as well. Neither will now occur in this situation.



  • The Spanish applicant login page will show special characters correctly.
  • Updated Zip Code on the Spanish language Basic Information page to “código postal” instead of “cremallera”.
  • Updated the Application information pages were you convicted question to read, “Were you ever convicted or did you ever plead guilty to a crime?” instead of, "Were you ever convicted or did you ever plea guilty to a crime?".
  • Fixed the Date Of Birth field on the Employee EEO page so that it will no longer allow users to select a date in the future.
  • Email validation on the Register page will now show up immediately instead of after an applicant clicks submit.
  • Special characters were previously not displaying correctly on the register page for applicants who opted to use the Spanish language. Now the characters will appear correctly.



  • Updated spelling of Kalida school district OH.
  • Added a TaxCalcRuleId for Massachusetts State Income tax.



  • Added a new option to pass through query string parameters and values from the JobBoard URL to HrCenter when someone hits the "Apply with Us" or the "Apply to All" buttons. This will only happen if there is a SQL proc specified in the "Custom Procedure" config in HrCenter Admin.


  • The JobBoard favorites menu has been updated. It will now open any time someone adds a jobs to the favorites cart. This functionality will not happen on mobile devices, since it takes up too much space on the display.
  • The button that opens/closes the favorites section now displays text instead of an arrow.

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