Release Notes: 02/07/2020

Welcome to February! 

*Note* For all self-hosted clients, as always, ensure you install all updates to give your users the best experience and new features.

The Highlights

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Additional Updates

In Beyond

  • Fixed an issue where Service Representatives section of System Settings would only show the first 1,000 reps. 
  • Optimized loading on the Message Stream dashboard widget. 
  • When adding an employee from a resume, there are new error messages and information to let you know size and file type limits. 

In Enterprise

In HRCenter

In WebCenter

  • Updated descriptions on the following configurations in WebCenter: 
    • Timecard Bypass Unique Check: "Allow duplicate timecards to be submitted with the same weekend date, paycode, cost center, and payrate"
    • Timecard Bypass Date Check: "Allow timecards to be created with a weekend date greater than 1 week from today"

API Updates: (For Self-Hosted Clients) 

  • New API endpoints have been created for future features 

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