Release Notes: 10/29/15

Enterprise (∞1510.29):

  • We have restricted the Worker Comp Summary report to only report Worker Comp pay codes.​ 
  • Corrected the Nevada MMREF Mag Media format. Now it will display the mailing address in place of the mailing suite if the mailing suite is null. 
  • Created a new procedure called fx_report_ADP_NewHireExport_WOTCv001000. This is an ADP new hire export template that can be utilized by the two variables that were added in the procedure.  This procedure can be used to quickly create an export in the future.
  • Added a primary key to the PrAuthorityCheckItem table. (ID) This is needed for business object saves and updates in the future.
  • Applied logic to prevent adjustments from reducing wage below min wage. The config to turn this on or off is called "FedMinWage".
  • Added configs that Allow you to config PEO system to charge for suta and futa after the limits have been met. Configs are called PEOChargeTaxAfterLimitFUTA & PEOChargeTaxAfterLimitSUTA.
  • Addressed the Null Srident error when creating timecards.
  • Corrected an issue where Employees were getting a break in service when they shouldn't have been. (ACA)
  • When the configs AutoUpdatePreNoteApproved & PreNoteRequired are turned on, sometimes the EmployeeRoot.ElectronicPay flag does not sync properly with the Electronic Pay setup when a new PrEmployeeBankRoot record is created. This was due to rounding the time on PreNoteApproved date. However, because of the rounding of PreNoteApproved, if GETDATE() is in the latter half of a minute, it will round up to the next minute and then be considered in the future of GETDATE() when we run that comparison. As a result, EmployeeRoot.ElectronicPay would be incorrectly set to 'N'.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when entering time on an employee in time entry. The error was "SetCurrent cannot be invoked while another SetCurrent is in progress"
  • Inactive HrCenter Workflows will no longer display in Enterprise. The config controls "HideInactiveHRCenterWorkflows" whether this happens or not. ​
  • Viewing who created a Monster post on an order in Enterprise will now show the user who actually created the order instead of it always showing your user. ​


  • Fixed the get config function for showing the candidates section on employee home screen (Applicant Home Show Candidates & Employee Home Show Candidates). The problem was that we weren't sending the UserID to the get config value proc. This would return the property value if you had a rule based on the users role.
  • Corrected an error that would come up when trying to create or reset a password of an employee in WebCenter.


  • Added prefill & postfill procedures for the Missouri W4.
  • There is now an option to display inactive steps or active steps under the workflows tab.

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