Adding Employer Benefits Not Tracked In TempWorks S125

Sometimes an employer might need to display employer paid benefits on the W-2 that were not tracked in TempWorks®.  An example would be employer paid health insurance adjustments that needs to appear in box 12 code DD on the W-2 but were not tracked in TempWorks.  Clients can now use our import system to transfer the data into TempWorks themselves. 

*Note* This is not the same as adding taxable fringe benefits.

*Note* You will need to create an adjustment for the Caf125 import if one does not already exist.  The import process does not automatically create the adjustment. The adjustment will need to be considered a "Benefit" so ensure the category you choose has Benefit set to True. 

  • Fill out the S125 Tracking spreadsheet found here: s125-tracking.xlsx.
    1. All fields are required except for SSN.
    2. You can only have one adjustment ID and one year per file.  If you need to import data for multiple adjustments, split them up between multiple files. 
  • Save the file as a csv file. 
    1. To do this, go to file > save as > choose your file location > select CSV as the save as type > name the file > hit save.
    2. . Verify that the YTD Employer Contributions column is a data type number. Do not include commas, dollar signs, etc.
    3. Please note that changing the Excel format or having unnecessary blank rows could cause errors during import. 
  • Navigate to pay/bill > actions menu > import

  • Select Caf 125 Import as the import type.
  • Click the folder icon to browse for and choose the text file you saved in step 2.
  • Click import file to transfer the data into TempWorks.  The import will associate the total YTD employer contribution amount to the most recent employee check.

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