Release Notes: 10/22/15

Enterprise (∞1510.22):

  • Updated QuickBooks Invoice Payment export to flip the account to the bank account when the payment has an action of payment.
  • Changed ACA Break in Service to use Weekenddate consistently across procedures. Previously employees weren't getting updated properly that had a break in service.
  • Fixed a truncation error that would occur when creating timecards from the assignment when the check delivery code was over 10 characters.
  • Altered CtxnsAppendWeek procedure to make it pull in timecards for bi-weekly assignments
  • Creating a GeoLoc in Admin > GeoLoc will now populate the column "Location".
  • Previously when applying arrears for a medical adjustment to an employee, the arrears did not fully come out of the check even though the employee had enough money to cover all of the medical arrears. The benefit amount was reducing the net even though the benefit amount was employer paid, reducing the effective net and preventing the other arrears from being taken from the check. Modified the procedure PrApplyAdjustmentArrears to not count benefits toward the effective net as well as to not allow the effective net of the benefit adjustments to be reduced by the other arrears adjustments.
  • Fixed an arithmetic overflow error that could occur when voiding a check.
  • Addressed an issue where merged invoices from different branches were throwing off the Invoice Aging report
  • Activation date on customer will no longer change when updating something like street on the customer record.
  • Refactored fx_aca_UpdateHoursWorkedInMeasurementPeriod. This reduced down to 30 seconds from 22 hours (or so it was claimed).
  • Previously if you updated an employee state allowances, all premployeetax records for stainctax had allowances updated. (So updating MN allowances to 5 would update ND, SD, CA, etc. too)
  • Made the PeopleNet Assignment fetch procedure hierarchy aware.
  • Fix for CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL error that would occur when trying to run invoices.
  • Fixed logic for Mass updating rates function on the order.
    • If they update only the Multiplier Code, all rates should be recalculated as if you updated the multiplier code on each assignment. The Pay Rate should not change.
    • If a Pay Rate is updated, the pay rate should be updated on each assignment (so they are all the same). Bill rates should be calculated using the Multiplier code (if one is selected).
    • If both the Pay/Bill rates are updated, the bill rate should override the multiplier code result.
    • If the Multiplier Code and Pay rate is applied, The Multiplier code is applied first so that when the pay rate is applied, Bill rates will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Recreating and abandoning ACH file functions have been restored.
  • Addressed an error that would occur when leaving a payrate/billrate blank when using the Mass Update rates function on the order.
  • Added City to branch in the admin area.
  • "Number Checks but do not print" check box now does work if a payroll run was already posted.
  • Updating wording on the Email Discovery form so that Outgoing SMTP Server Name appears where it should be as well as Incoming IMAP Server Name.
  • Tabbing in the Email Discovery settings form now only requires you to hit the tab key once to move on to the next line.
  • You will no longer be able to click the "Next" button while waiting for the Email Discovery form to populate SMTP and IMAP settings for you. Clicking "Next" during the loading process would result in a blank results screen and force you to start the process again.
  • Added the Order Id to the Assignment drop down for the data integrity check step.
  • Changed Email to send as a plain text message if one of the email recipients is SMS.
  • Added a "Country" drop down for Contacts in the Customer Details area.


  • New generic employee prefill proc has been added.
  • Updated Kansas W4 Postfill procedure to allow nulls for dependents.
  • Updating the workflow steps in HrCenter Admin in IE will now display the updated information instead of the old information.
  • Dropdowns on forms were causing an issue when loading or signing the form.
  • Fixed an error that would come up if a question is scored in a survey, but wasn't required to answer it and the user left it blank.
  • We now stopped using LocalizedDisplayNameAttribute so that we can display custom display names for helpers and error messages.


  • Added itemid (AssignmentID) to the Dynamic Field list of the Assignment Evaluation Email in WebCenter.  Can be found by going to the Email tab in WebCenter > Employee or Contact > EvaluationAssignmentFinished. 
  • We now only get document type configs from system level and at the clients specific application level. This is to prevent timeout errors in large databases.


  • The "Where" search box now respects the Hide Worksite config.

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