Release Notes: 02/10/2017

What's New Version ∞2017.2.10:

  • Added a new filter rule in the WebCenter timecard template config. This will allow for employees to use different timecard templates based on the JobTitle of their assignment.
  • Added the primary key (Aident, Customer ID, Order ID, etc.) in the favorite items areas; the primary key will now display after the names.


  • The HrCenter W4 postfill will no longer postfill state exemptions when the employee's state is PA. This is because employees in PA, the state income tax is a flat rate that cannot have exemptions.
  • Fixed an issue with the hieroverridesystem regarding 1099/vendor employees that could cause the “company” on an assignment to be reset if the hieroverridesystem was initiated when the assignment was created.
  • Optimize procedure to reduce loading times in All Options > Employers > Jurisdiction Setup. The process now takes less that one second and will no longer error in the UI.
  • Searching in All Options > Evaluations has been fixed. Previously, searching by BranchID would not return results for some users.
  • Accruals will be calculated to the fourth decimal figure and will not be rounded during calculations.
  • Previously, when viewing an employee’s check from the check register, the YTD figures could display incorrectly for one time adjustments manually added to a timecard in time entry. This has been adjusted to display YTD figures accurately for each separate one time adjustment.
  • Enterprise had two separate widgets named and described similarly. One has been renamed to "New Orders for Top 5 Customers" for accuracy.
  • Adding commission formula tires on commission plans, tier additions will now always save properly. Previously, if you clicked save before the rate was converted to a percentage that value would save as zero.
  • Previously, If an employee is transferred to a hierarchy outside of the hierarchy of an adjustment on their profile, the adjustment will still be seen, however the "adjustment amount" will be blank if viewed at the new hierarchy. This would prevent any adjustments from being added to the employee as well as changes made to existing adjustments. Now the adjustment will appear correctly and adding/editing adjustments on the employee record will work.
  • Removed deprecated fields from the EEO section on the employee record.
  • When updating rates using the Gross Profit Calculator in the actions menu of an order, the overtime and doubletime rates will be updated. Previously, only the regular rates were updated.

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