Self-Hosted Environment Recommendations

The purpose of this document is to provide our partners and customers with the appropriate information necessary to understand the infrastructure and hardware which supports the TempWorks Software solution. This includes several different technologies and depending on your configuration, options may or may not be needed, they are as follows:

Review and understand the following before you use this document: 

  • This document is specific only to TempWorks Software
  • From this document, you are not authorized to make any warranties, guarantees or representations on behalf of TempWorks and TempWorks cannot certify, warrant, guarantee or otherwise validate that your customer deployment will be successful
  • The information provided and the recommendations made are based on existing customer environments and lab-tested environmental designs. These designs contain margins of error that can be reduced with research of the specific customer environment
  • All implementations using these guidelines should include a performance testing cycle
  • If the prospect has a high level of transaction volume or other factors exist which could hinder performance or introduce additional complexities, the recommendations in this document may be insufficient and should not be followed
  • This document is not a TempWorks Software minimum requirements, implementation or installation guide. For any technical deployment issues, contact TempWorks Support Services
  • Recommendations provided in this document assume the customer has applied the latest Microsoft software updates, service packs and so on to all Microsoft products supporting the TempWorks Software product in addition to TempWorks Software specific updates and enhancement instructions. 
    • They also assume that the proposed customer deployment is using supported configurations

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