Buzz - Time & Attendance

What is Buzz?

Whether your employees are at home or on the go, TempWorks Buzz™ connects staffing agency employees to the information they need from your staffing agency. 

Buzz provides quick and easy access to check messages, view assignments and paychecks, and search for open positions directly from their smartphone or mobile device. Staffing agencies gain enhanced employee relationships and improved employee engagement while employees have convenient access to the information they need to succeed.

Ready to get started with Buzz? Contact your TempWorks' Account Manager for pricing and information. Buzz does require some set up before you can use all it's features. 

What is Buzz Time & Attendance?

This feature adds additional time related functionality to the Buzz employee engagement app. With Buzz Time & Attendance, you will be able to have your employees punch in or manage their timecard straight from the app. 

Time & Attendance Options: 

Timecard Entry allows your employees to fill out their timecards straight from the Buzz App. Timecards can be configured to have employees fill out total time per day or the time they started and ended each day (including breaks). These timecards also have options for adding adjustments such as mileage and perdiem. Once a timecard is submitted, it is approved by a supervisor in WebCenter and then automatically entered in Time Entry making it extra easy for your payroll processors.

Mobile Time Punching works like a TimeClock where employees will be expected to tap the punch button to punch in/out of their shift. This can be configured with facial recognition, to require a face verification when punching, and with geofencing to ensure an employee can only punch in/out when they are at a specific location. Punches are recorded and sent to the supervisor in WebCenter to approve. The time is then automatically entered in Time Entry and ready for your payroll processors to proof. 

Looking for instructions for your employees? 

Any article titled with "Employee" contains instructions you can link or copy for your employee's to use: 

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