Release Notes: 09/22/2017

Version ∞2017.9.22:



  • Users now have the option to send a PDF and or an XLS file for invoices being emailed. This can be setup by editing or adding an invoice recipient, which is done by navigating to Customer > Invoice Setup > Billing Setup > Invoice Recipients. Checking the “Attach PDF” option will send a PDF version of the invoice while the “Attach XLS” option will send an XLS version. Please note that timecard images cannot be attached to XLS invoices, but will still be attached to the PDF format if both formats are selected on an invoice recipient.


  • Removed the year from the approve text in the 1094/1095 form so that the text will be relevant from year to year. So instead of the text stating “…TempWorks will begin performing the 1095-C and 1094-C services on January 17, 2017.” it will state, “…TempWorks will begin performing the 1095-C and 1094-C services on January 17”.
  • The below fields are now required when entering a new or editing an existing Year End 1094 Contact record.
    • Company Phone
    • Contact Phone
    • Contact Email
  • Added options and improvements to the Move Wages form.
    • Added the option to remove wages from employee and employer paid taxes, and to remove taxes from employer paid taxes. In the case where there are two state jurisdictions on a check that need to be combined into one, the user should remove the wages and move the taxes from one of the jurisdictions.
    • The first screen now displays the number of checks for each jurisdiction so the user knows how many checks will be affected by a move.
    • The second screen now highlights jurisdictions that are changing, and displays negative values for changes in red.
  • Modified the recent "mixing paycodes with tax exemptions may affect pre-tax adjustment calculations" error to only come up when the employee has a pre-tax adjustment calculating on their check. This will help eliminate false positive errors during payroll.


  • Records with amount taxable but no amount tax will pull into the Tax Deposit report.


  • Adding in some 2017 year end procedures in preparation for this coming year end.



  • “Candidate Status” and “Comment” fields are now available options when creating a template for the “CustomerUpdateCandidateStatus” notification in the Admin Email tab.


  • Timeclock timecards that have a status of "Submitted" but no CTXNS or TXNS Id no longer show checkboxes and edit links when appearing in the submitted quick filter under the timeclocks tab.

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