Release Notes: 01/18/2019



  • Updated Brookville, OH tax rate to 2%.
  • On the Federal Electronic W-2 file, corrected the RT line for employer paid insurance amounts so they will be accurate when pulling one file for multiple EINC’s.
  • Updated the NY state mag media procedure to pull Employer State figures by CheckDate instead of WeekendBill.
  • Added the appropriate W2Box and W2Label fields for the tax jurisdiction of NJFLI so that it will display correctly on the W2.
  • The compatible jurisdiction group of 'IOWA STATE BUSINESS EFILE NUMBER' has been added to allow clients to add their 8-digit Business Efile Number to the system so that Iowa will accept the submission of their State EFW2 file.
  • Updated the Iowa State Electronic W-2 procedure to fit the proper file format specifications.
  • Added logic to remove employees within a Limited Non-Assessment Period based on guidelines found within section 4980H(b), from requiring a 1095 form to be created for the employee.



  • Created a new form and post-fill procedure for the Missouri W-4 based on their new form guidelines.

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