HRCenter Equifax Integration

Users will have the ability to integrate Equifax within HR Center to track whether employees are eligible for tax credits. Initial setup can be done within the administration section of HR Center. Following the integration, you will no longer need to have the 8850 form loaded to HR Center.

M-Equifax Integration from TempWorks Training on Vimeo.

Within HRCenter Admin, select the  icon within the Pages category area to add Equifax into HR Center.  Users may add in a display name and description if necessary. Select 'Information' as the page type and continue:

Once the new page is created, select what to configure and what data you wish to collect for Equifax.  

*Note* The Required box must be selected for the URL to be shown within the Page:

Within the configuration details area, place the Employer Code and Password that you obtain from Equifax.  If you wish to test the page before placing it within a workflow to ensure certification and proper URL configuration, select 'True' from the Test Mode drop down:

Once you have created the Equifax page, select the Workflow(s) that you wish to apply it to:

Also, you may select which step within HR Center Equifax will be accessible:

Once you have added the Equifax integration within a step, applicants will have access to the Equifax survey by selecting the link. This will re-direct users to the Equifax website:

Applicants will be prompted to add their social security number within this section.

Within the personal information section, SSN, name, and address will prefill. Complete the other necessary fields and verify this information is correct.  Select 'Continue.' This will bring applicants to the 'Questions' section:

Based on the questions answered in Equifax, such as if the applicant has ever had financial aid, been in the military, government funding etc. this will determine if they are eligible for tax credits. If the employee answers 'Yes' to qualifying questions, Equifax may request additional information to fill out:

As the questions section is completed, applicants will be prompted to verify accurate information has been entered and sign off via eSignature:

Once the applicant has completed the necessary information within Equifax, a message will be logged onto their record stating whether they receive credits, and which credits they qualify for:

*Note* The employee record will be updated with the appropriate WOTC Eligibility status when EQUIFAX logs a contact message for the employee's eligibility.

Upon completion with Equifax, applicants are returned back to HRCenter to finish the application/onboarding process.

*Note* If the applicant is having issues with Equifax, please have them work with the staffing agency to get this issue resolved. If you are the Staffing Agency, please inquire with Equifax.

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