Welcome to Core for Payroll & Billing Clerks

What is Core?

No matter the size of your staffing agency, TempWorks Software suite of staffing solutions can meet your needs. For staffing agencies with as few as one or two users, TempWorks Core offers a simplified workflow process to streamline your staffing operations. From recruiting and sales to back office functions, Core delivers the out of the box staffing tools you need to increase your staffing agency’s efficiency. At a low cost of $49* per user per month and no long-term contract terms, TempWorks Core provides a cost-effective solution to help you operate with efficiency and increase profitability.

For more information about core see Welcome to TempWorks Core.

What does it mean to be a Payroll or Billing Clerk in Core?

In Core, what you have access to in the database is related to your security role. There are a few pay clerk and billing clerk security role options for users.

Pay Clerk Lite

Regular pay clerks should be given this role. This allows them to run through the payroll processes including time entry, proofing, and payroll runs. This role can also see and edit pay information including adjustments,

Pay Clerk

This role is designed for an experienced pay clerk (usually a lead or manager). They can do everything that is provided by the pay clerk lite role as well as additional functionality including check corrections, abandoning payroll runs, approving payroll errors, etc.

Billing Clerk

Billing clerks manage the billing side of back office. They can create transactions, proof, and process invoices. 

Pay & Bill Clerk

This role is for users who do both billing and payroll functions. They will have access to payroll and billing functionality to be able to accomplish both roles. This role may also be assigned to a manager for payroll/billing.

For more information on Security roles see Core - Security Role Overview.

Where to start

Article specific to Payroll and Billing Clerks are located under Core for Pay and Bill Clerks folder on the left.

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