Release Notes: 11/22/2019

Welcome to our new & improved release notes! This will be our new release format to help you navigate through all the new and updated features in our system. 

*Note* For all self-hosted clients, as always, ensure you install all updates to give your users the best experience and new features.

The Highlights

Beyond Resume Parsing

This week we've introduced the option to create an employee record using their resume. This is extremely helpful for those getting resumes emailed or sent via job board applications. The system will be able to review the text based document and do it's best to grab contact information, work history, education, and more! 

Check out Beyond - How to Create an Employee Record for more information. 

Insight SH Prevention Training Integration

Insight Worldwide offers a comprehensive, self-directed, one hour interactive training course on Sexual Harassment Prevention Training that is in compliance with California's Fair Employment Housing Commission (FEHC) requirements and laws. Our integration allows you to assign employees this new training solution in Enterprise or Beyond while assigning them other application pages and forms. The applicant will take the training while filling out their HRCenter application or on-boarding information making it a seamless process for both recruiter and applicant. 

Check out Setting up the Insight Integration for more information on how to set up this new option. 

Additional Updates

In Beyond

  • You can now sort by assignment status when searching assignments
  • For those using our Address Standardization configuration, Beyond will now only ask you to standardize a worksite address if the address has been updated or has not yet been standardized.
  • When updating a service rep's hierarchy, it will no longer auto clear the security groups unless the security groups can not be applied to the new hierarchy allowed.
 Security Group Corner
The following updates have been made to Beyond's Security Groups. This information relates to your user's security and should be reviewed by all Beyond admins.
  1. If you are using our Default Security Groups, the permission "Can view E-Verify Case Details" has been added to the following default groups: 
    • Administrator
    • Front Office Manager
    • Back Office Manager
    • *Note* If you are not using our E-Verify Integration, this update will not affect your users.
  2. Admins can now add users to security groups without having to change to system level (or your highest hierarchy level). 
    • Keep in mind that only the users in your current hierarchy will show for you to add. 
    • In order to change permissions in the group, you will still need to change your hierarchy level.

In HRCenter

  • HRCenter document upload information page (which allows your applicants to upload pictures or documents) now supports Docx and Doc files. 
  • When an applicant enters an invalid zip code, HRCenter will give them an error message letting them know they need to fix it.

In WebCenter

  • New Configuration! "Allow Vendor to Delete Documents"
    • This configuration is for our Vendor module of WebCenter and allows the Vendors to remove documents on one of their employee's records. 

For Self-Hosted Clients:

  • Small API updates made for job board details, future features, and structural changes etc. 
  • Corrected an issue when scrolling through results, where the loading indicator would appear but the next results would never load in a self hosted environment.

For UK Clients Only: 

  • NINO Government personal identifier types will now be unmasked when a user has the "Can Modify employee Government Personal Identifier" permission

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