Release Notes: 09/14/2018



  • Added a "Days Since Last Message" enhanced search option on Orders.
  • Added a new “Willing to Travel” field within Employee > Details > Work Interest. This field will note how many miles the employee is willing to travel.
  • Added “Profession” to the Interview Action screen within the Employee’s record.


  • Previously, when an error occurred during login, Enterprise would display a two factor code required screen even if this wasn't setup in the users system. Now Enterprise will display the error that occurred instead.
  • Optimized Payroll Summary report procedures to improve performance.
  • Added multiple new fields within the PSD Code dropdown including City Code, City Juris, School District juris to assist in more accurately determining/updating the PSD Code when the zip code is added/updated on the employee’s details or within the setup of the worksite.
  • When updating the event type for a newly created task within All Options > Administration > Task Admin, a validation message would still display when a task was selected for the event type, now when the task is selected for the updated event, you will not see a validation message preventing the task from being saved.
  • Users will now be able to order custom data properties within All Option > Administration > Security.
  • Added a validation message when trying to save ACA information that has a comment over 1000 characters.
  • Previously when creating a contact, the city field would not correctly be populated when a zip code was selected within the zip code dropdown.  Now once a zip code is selected, the city field will populate with the associated city.


  • Modified the procedure responsible for copying order so the CustomDataCopyOrders config is respected. This config allows specified custom data fields to transfer from master orders to copies when an order is copied.
  • Modified procedure when reissuing checks for paycards to check for the paycards expiration date more accurately.
  • Users will now be able to view an attached document within an email template without receiving an error stating "Cannot start process because a file name has not been provided.".
  • Previously when emailing an invoice and updating the message action, the message logged on the customer visifile would be duplicated. Now the message logged will not be duplicated and will display the message action selected within the email window.
  • Users will now be able to create an authority’s electronic payment when creating a new Authority in All Option > Administration > Authorities.
  • Previously, when an Interest code subcategory was updated, the interest code would not be updated with the new subcategory name, now when the subcategory is updated the interest code will also be updated.
  • Emailing paystubs now works when using an Auth enabled version of Enterprise.


  • Maryland increased the maximum standard deduction to $2,250.00.
  • Golf Manor, OH will now be collected by RITA.
  • Malvern, OH to be collected by RITA.
  • Frankstown Township, PA added non-resident rate of 1%.
  • Worthington, MN sales tax rate will be decreasing from 7.375 to 6.875 effective starting 10/1/18


  • Created an index on fx_Employee_AssignedQuestionAnswer to prevent hierarchy refresh timeout errors from occurring.



  • Previously, branches with an Id of 0 where not being properly displayed within the branch dropdown when registering, now all branches will be correctly displayed within the dropdown.
  • Fix an issue where the Staffing Agency text box on the Work Experience page was not being cleared when updating the “Temp Agency?” from Yes to No.


  • Updated multiple packages within HRC admin.



  • Made the following changes to the Tax and Adjustment YTD totals when viewing an earnings statement in WebCenter:
    • Tax type will now display the juris description.
    • YTD taxable column will display properly.
    • Juris’ with YTD taxable but no YTD tax will display.
  • When clicking "Create Another Timecard" from the popup where an employee would enter in time on a timecard, it would produce a server error. This will no longer occur.


  • Corrected an issue where a contact would be able to copy a submitted timecard.



  • Added new “Status Change Workflow” functionality when changing the status on entities (employee, customer, contact, order, and assignment). When changing a status, there will no longer be a dropdown; instead there will be a link that will open a sidebar. Rules can be setup to run when a specific status is selected and the rules can be either required or suggested. There will be an option to “Fix Issue” if the rule is not satisfied and in most cases, this will bring users to the field that needs to be edited. Otherwise, users will be brought to the page that has access to the field. Once the rule criteria is met (or skipped if it is only a suggested rule), there will be options to quick add messages and tasks. The messages and tasks can be customized with any combination of the following settings:
    • Request a user creates a message/task
    • Set a default message/task
      • Tasks can have default service reps, teams, priority, tags, and deadlines.
    • Set the message/task as required
    • Set the message/task as editable

Additional actions can also be setup to run when a status is changed, these can include custom updates or assigning workflows.

Setting up rules, settings and additional actions will need to be configured via Tempworks Support.


  • Modified auto focus on sales pipeline within the Customer > Details > Sales and Services > Sales Pipeline. This means that the cursor will be placed right on the Sales Pipeline field when opening the form.


  • The web browser tab will no longer be camelcased when viewing a check from the employee record. Meaning instead of displaying “titleEmployeeCheckRegister”, it will now display as “Paycheck Stub Reprint”.



  • Added new tables, procedures, and API calls for Beyond Status Change Workflows.
  • Added two new configurations called ‘AssessmentSessionLogMessageOnCreate’ and ‘AssessmentSessionLogMessageActionId’ to be used for a future API update.

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