Release Notes: 02/09/2018

Version ∞2018.2.9



  • Previously, when creating a new authority, the Pseudo Aident on the Company was left as NULL. Now, it will be properly inserted and linked to the proper Authority and Employee records.
  • Corrected the payroll error “"Employee FederalExemptions <> Federal allowances in PrEmployeeTax” that checks for mismatching federal allowances between the employee’s pay setup page and taxes page. This will now function correctly for employees that are setup with visible tax records in two EINCs.
  • Fixed the ADP Paycard Funding Run wizard so that the funding locations dropdown populates properly.
  • The New Hire Packages buttons above the assignments section on the Order Visifile are now grayed out if multiple assignments are selected.
  • Previously on an Everify case, if the employee is in a "Employee Referred to SSA" state, it would show the date submitted as the referral date.  The date shown should be the date submitted and now is. Also, added Contact By Date and Referral Response Due Date to the SSA and DHS referral user control forms.


  • Deactivated the W-2 Reprint report; this report is only to be used for data pre 2010. To reprint W-2s, open the actions menu on an employee record and select “Reprint Wage Summary Forms.



  • The initial item entered will no longer prefill on to the next one when an applicant fills out a page that requires multiple records to be entered.


  • Added in groundwork for HR Center in the TWAPI V3.  
    • Added permissions and configurations for HrCenter.  
    • Altered multiple procedures to link WebUserAccounts to HrCenter Product Instances if a product instance exists for the tenant.



  • Updated bitwise permission values on timeclock configs that were set incorrectly. So in other words, timeclock configs can only now be setup for Customer and Department.


Rate Changes:   

  • Lyndhurst, OH increased the resident tax rate to 2%.
  • Bradford, PA changed their tax rate to 1% for non-residents and 0.5% for residents. (Juris 6685)


  • Updated Ohio mag media types to add Sidney and Lima as their own types.  Also updated Troy to be part of CCA.  



  • Behind the scenes work has begun to allow viewing the details of an invoice from the customer invoice history grid.

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