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What is Core?

No matter the size of your staffing agency, TempWorks Software suite of staffing solutions can meet your needs. For staffing agencies with as few as one or two users, TempWorks Core offers a simplified workflow process to streamline your staffing operations. From recruiting and sales to back office functions, Core delivers the out of the box staffing tools you need to increase your staffing agency’s efficiency. At a low cost of $49* per user per month and no long-term contract terms, TempWorks Core provides a cost-effective solution to help you operate with efficiency and increase profitability.

Contact our sales team or visit tempworks.com to learn how Core can help your staffing agency grow and increase efficiency!

What's included:

  • Core – our main software database that will house your employee, customer, order, & assignment record.
  • Bridge – a place for you, as the manager or owner, to edit the list of users utilizing the software
  • HRCenter – your online web application portal for your prospective and current employees to fill out an application or fill out onboarding documents.

Signed Up for Core... Now What?

When you first sign up for Core, you will be emailed your username and password information. Core is an application based software that you log into via remote desktop application. For instructions on how to log in, click here.

Once you have signed in, there are 3 main steps to get started:

  1. Setup Your System for Success
  2. Add Users
  3. Add Records 

Setup Your System for Success

Once you have logged into Core for the first time, there are few things you need to update and review. 

Review Employer Information

  1. Navigate to all options > administration and select employers on the left to view employer information
  2. Review or Update all company information including 
    • Legal Name
    • Mailing Address
    • Federal Employer ID Number
    • Mag Media information (from Federal SSA W2 file) 

For more detailed information on employer and tax info see Core - Company & Employer Information

Add Tax Information

Tax Jurisdiction Setup 

  1. When selected on an employer in administration (see steps above), select jurisdiction setup on the left
  2. Select the + icon on the right to add a Tax Jurisdiction
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Select a jurisdiction from the drop down
    • Enter the Identification number
    • Choose filing options
    • Check the Verified box after reviewing all the information is correct
  4. Select Save

State Unemployment Tax Setup (SUTA) 

  1. When selected on an employer in administration (see steps above), select SUTA setup on the left 
  2. Select the + icon on the right to add a SUTA tax jurisdiction 
  3. Select the jurisdiction
  4. Add Tax Rates
    • Select the + icon on the right
    • Enter Rate (straight percentage, ex. enter 2.5 for 2.5%) 
    • Enter Upper Limit: Wage limit for state
    • Enter Start Date: effective date of the rate
  5. Select Save

Enter Bank Account Information 

Core will have a default bank account listed in the system, you will need to locate 

  1. Navigate to All Options > Administration 
  2. Select gls bank account on the left
  3. Enter your bank account information 
    • include starting check number and invoice number. 
  4. Select the Save icon in the upper left

Add Your Worker Comp Codes

In order to track your worker comp codes related to different orders you are staffing, they must first be set up in administration. 

Compile a list of worker comp codes you staff for and see Core - Setting Up Worker Comp Codes for step by step instructions on how to add them into the system. 

Additional Options

The following links are additional customization options that are not required: 

  1. If you have multiple locations, see Core - Adding a New Branch 
  2. If you want to select Job Titles on Orders, see Core - Adding Job Titles
  3. If you have specific types of adjustments(garnishments, reimbursements), see Core - Adding Adjustment Types
  4. If you want to track accruals, see Core - Creating Accruals

Add Users

Once you have set up your system, it's time to create log in credentials for your fellow team members (recruiters, sales, payroll, admins, etc. ) 

For step by step instructions on how to add users, see Core - Bridge

Want to learn more about user types and access? see Core - Security Role Overview

Add Records

Now that you have added users, it's time for you and your users to start adding your records into the system. Click the following links for instructions on how to add each: 

  1. Add Employee Records
  2. Add Customer Records
  3. Add Orders
  4. Add Assignments

How do I Continue Learning About Core?

As a Core User, you will be granted a specific security role which will dictate your access within Core. Start with the Core Starter Pack articles. 

Articles and videos for Core are located in our Knowledge Base: kb.tempworks.com under Core category. 

All articles are divided by security roles. To learn more about security roles see Core - Security Role Overview.

See the related articles below for more articles.

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