Release Notes: 12/03/15

Enterprise (∞1512.03):

  • Increased txnsmaxbranchname to varchar (50) on prcheckroot.
  • Added a config that will allow you to have the branch address on a paycheck rather than the employers address. (UseBranchAddressOnChecks)
  • FK errors will no longer come up on the GL Journal Entry export when monthly billing is processed for the week its ran for.
  • The invident on timecards was not being removed on hold off monthly runs even though the arinvoice record was deleted.  Changed the order of how we call ctxnsappendtxns in this proc so that we can correctly remove the invidents.
  • Created approvable payroll error to inform client that they've dated checks for 01-01-2016 which is when we'll begin updated 2016's tax rates.
  • The insert into #txnsWorker multiplied results by joining on txnsroot and #cyclesToProcess. This resulted in HoursWorkedInMeasurementPeriod and AvgHoursPerWeekSinceLastEval being significantly inaccurate. Now fx_aca_UpdateHoursWorkedInMeasurementPeriod identifies which EmployeeCycleID belongs to a transaction so that results are not multiplied.
  • Paystubs will now show the correct accrual balances for CA Sick time.
  • Golden Case Card export and config have been added.
  • Previously an assignments active status was not changing correctly overnight if the assignment had timecards there were generated one week after the assignments end date.  (or a different interval depending on the assignment's pay cycle) Now the active status will update correctly.
  • Added a "Skip" and "Take" to the procedure TwAPI_GetOrdersByHierId.
  • Updated uscript to work correctly when scripting a foreign key directly.
  • Staffing Specialist column has been added to the HrCenter area. You may have to right click on the column headers and select it to make it appear.
  • Correcting invoices (-1,-1-1-1, -2-1-1, etc) will no longer show up on the Invoice aging report.
  • Currently Enterprise allows users to reverse multiple checks at once.  When this is done, all of the employees get a properly configured advance bank adjustment on their employee records, but there is only a corresponding PrCheckAdj record for one of them. Now a corresponding PrCheckAdj record will be created for all of them.
  • When someone updates the adjname on an adjustment nothing was updating the origin desc column on gls account map to have the new adjustment name.  The proc that will sync these up again is called GLSAccountMapOriginDescSync and has been added to DailyMaint12 so this syncs overnight automatically.
  • Users did not have permission to remove paycodes from accruals earn/use in the admin section of enterprise. We granted this permission on the tables to SR and PayClerk .
  • Paycheck Stub Reprint was adding all adjustments for the year, even if you were reprinting the first check of the year. Now it will show YTD amount based on the check date.
  • An ugly invoice not found error will no longer come up when clicking on the invoice details page on the customer record without first selecting an invoice.
  • Previously, using the find matching employees function on an order and assigning employee(s) to that order, used to not update the XX of XX positions filled on the visifile header. Now this will update without having to click away and coming back to the page.
  • During a payroll run and selecting "Email Pay Stubs" & "Number and mark checks as printed" would make Enterprise skip the emailing process. Now this won't occur.
  • Clicking on the X icon when managing interest codes window will now clear the Filter list box. Previously the X icon wasn't doing anything.
  • Added a validation on the invoice text box when adding a manual adjustment to an invoice via the edit screen. 70 characters is the cutoff.
  • Reworked the Employee > Integrations > HrCenter page so that when you select a workflow history, it only will display the workflow steps in associated with the selected workflow, as well as the pages to the selected step in the selected workflow.
  • Changed the HRCenter Search Context Menu Item to "Reject Workflow" to match the title of the popup dialog box.
  • Improved performance in Dispatcher when repeating a ticket.‚Äč


  • Updated uFixStateFUTACR better handle multiple corrections made on a check.
  • Updated state Futa Rates:
    • Indiana is decreasing from 2.7% to 0%.
    • Kentucky is decreasing from 2.1% to 0%.
    • New York is decreasing from 1.5% to 0%.
    • North Carolina is decreasing from 2.3% to 0%.
    • South Carolina is decreasing from 2.1% to 0%.
    • California is decreasing from 2.9% to 1.5%.
    • Ohio is decreasing from 2.6% to 1.5%.
    • Virgin Islands is decreasing from 3.1% to 1.5%.


  • Timeout issues & missing messages have been fixed when logging in as an employee.
  • Fixed timeout issues that were occurring when visiting the My Information link.
  • The wc_Customer_GetEmployeesPaged has been altered to prevent timeout issues from occurring when attempting to load employees that have worked for a customer.


  • Wisconsin Withholding procedure has been added.
  • Added feature to optionally require skills for the Default skills page. This can be edited in HrCenter Admin.


  • Putting a comma in your search parameters will no longer return an error.

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