Release Notes: 01/19/2018

Version ∞2018.1.19



  • Added PO number to the Assignment Change log report logging for when the PO number changes on assignments. This is so that there is a record of why the PO Number on the timecard is different from what is setup on the assignment.
  • Enterprise now allows 1,000 characters in “Invoice Text” field in time entry (Detailed Timecard > Overrides) and when editing an invoice line’s text/description.
  • Modified the Default Printer logic in both the Enterprise Options area and at Enterprise startup. Also, added a “Refresh Printer List” button to the default printer area. This can be used if the printer you are trying to select is not showing in the printer dropdown.
  • We added logic to errors #6 & #9 in the Data Integrity Check.
    • #6 - If the year is closed, compare the sum of check taxes for 2017 to what is in the year end tables on the backend. If the year is not closed. Logic stays the same otherwise.
    • #9 - Bypass the error if the year is already closed.  


  • When the ADP paycards option is enabled, the electronic pay form in the employees will no longer ask you to save when no changes have been made.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Show this item on printed invoices” checkbox when making corrections to hours on invoices. Previously, the old/corrected hours were not being unchecked.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause adjustment only invoices to not calculate the invoice total properly after editing them.
  • Reworked the ALE external members form under the 1094/1095 worksheet so that data entered is validated more appropriately.
  • The 1095 print procedure was mapping the January Offer Code to the Zip Code box resulting in the Zip Code box being overlapped and the January Offer Code box to be empty. This has been corrected.
  • Updated the dates in the "Approve" section under the 1094/1095 worksheet for worksheets created in for the 2017 year. It now states “...TempWorks will begin performing the 1095-C and 1094-C services on February 16th, 2018...” and “...If you require any changes to Data, you must inform TempWorks no later than February 15th, 2018.”
  • Found and corrected an issue that could cause the county selection in People G2 to not load properly.



  • Added a Custom URL info page for HRCenter. This page can be used to make an applicant go to a website of your choosing during their application process. This page will not allow the user to continue the application until they navigate to the website. Note that when setting up the URL for the applicant to go to, you are required to use the full URL. (i.e. not


  • Modified the default HrCenter prefill procedure to return employee phone numbers in the format of xxx-xxx-xxxx. This was done to make it compliant with the format required by the phone field that is in the HrCenter Form Builder.


  • When the validation option “SSN and LastName combo Validation on Registration” was turned on, applicants were allowed to type in more than 4 digits for their SSN. Now they are limited to just 4 digits.



  • Previously, when employees attempted to check in as available in WebCenter, if there was no default availability MessageAction then it would cause an error. Now, if there is no availability MessageAction the default MessageAction is used to log the message on the employees visifile.
  • Fixed searching on ID when searching for WebCenter admin users.


Rate Changes:   

  • IL lowered their exemption amount to $2,000.
  • Updated CAFUTA to 2.4%.
  • Updated VIFUTA to 3.5%.
  • The IRS released new federal withholding tables, personal exemption amounts, and supplemental rates. We updated Enterprise to reflect these changes.


  • Found and corrected a school district reciprocity rule that would incorrectly put both Louisville and Jefferson KY taxes on a single check incorrectly.
  • Previously, if a user uses the recalculation tool on an invoice in order to recalculate the sales tax, and the correcting invoice has $0 changes (due to, for example, an error on the sales tax setup), the user would never be able to remove the sales tax from the invoice. This will no longer occur and the recalculate tool will work as intended.


  • Updated numerous PA locals to use the first 2 digits of the PSD code as the W2label field. 

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