Release Notes: 03/25/2022

Spring is in the air (well, Minnesota teased Spring) and the groundwork is being established for the latest E-Verify upgrade.

This release brings tax updates, plenty of fixes across TempWorks products, and the upgrade to E-Verify v31. Please make sure to read the note within the Highlights section as E-Verify services will be unavailable while E-Verify completes the upgrading process.

*Note*  1.) Upgrades involving E-Verify are time-sensitive.  You must update all TempWorks products as soon as possible on 3/25 in order for E-Verify integrations to continue functioning following the timeline noted below.

2.) For all Self-Hosted clients, additional functionality around HRCenter Email Templates is scheduled to release on 4/8/2022.

In order to utilize this functionality, you will need to ensure your API includes today’s release (i.e., the version is at least 3.2022.310).

If your API is not updated by the time this functionality releases, you will still be able to continue utilizing HRCenter Email Templates but you will be unable to add the additional customization options that are releasing.

3.) The login server requires a migration script- as noted at the bottom of this document.

The Highlights

E-Verify Version 31 Update

As of 3/25/2022, all TempWorks clients who were on E-Verify Version 30 are being updated to Version 31.

*Note* E-Verify services will be unavailable starting at 1:01AM ET on 3/25/2022 while E-Verify updates all clients to Version 31.

E-Verify is expected to complete the update process by 9:30AM ET on 3/25/2022 but additional downtime can be expected.

For all Self-Hosted clients, you will need to apply hotfixes as soon as possible on 3/25/2022 or E-Verify services will continue to be unavailable once the update has completed.

Additional Updates

In Beyond

  • Fixed an issue where Contact records were unable to be synced with Sense.
  • Fixed an issue where the Order Status wasn't updating correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where E-Verify cases were unable to be continued after selecting “Next”.
  • Fixed a “500” timeout error that would occur when completing a CrimCheck Background Check.

In Bridge

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Self-Hosted users from being able to log into Bridge.

In Enterprise

  • Fixed the parameter drop down menus within the default Turnover Detail report.
  • Fixed a filtering issue within the default Unemployment Summary report.
  • Fixed an error that would indicate the Pennsylvania area code of “223” as being invalid.
  • Optimized the Enterprise Enhanced Search dropdown of “Employment Category”.
  • Updated the default check style reports to show all adjustments.

In HRCenter

  • Updated a validation error within the How Heard Of Detail when the max number of characters (50) is reached.
  • Fixed a formatting issue when creating an HRCenter Email Template.

Tax Updates:

  • Added the “LANSDOWNE BORO/WILLIAM PENN S D” PA municipality at $52.00.
  • Updated the “LEESPORT BORO/SCHUYLKILL VALLEY S D” Pennsylvania municipality to $52.00.
  • Fixed an issue where additional withholding wasn't being included within the Wisconsin income tax calculation.
  • Completed the following tax updates:
    • Illinois
      • Updated personal allowance to $2,425.
    • Massachusetts
      • Updated Paid Family Leave and Paid Medical Leave Rates:
        • MAPMLC is .336% capped at $147,000 in wages or $493.92 in tax (employer paid).
        • MAPMLE is .224% capped at $147,000 in wages or $329.28 in tax.
        • MAPFLE is .12% capped at $147,000 or $176.40 in tax.
    • Minnesota
      • Updated personal allowance to $4,450.
    • Ohio
      • Caldwell, OH to be collected by RITA (appear in the RITA annual tax export).
    • Pennsylvania
      • Conneaut Lake Boro, Crawford County, PA increased Local Services Tax from $10.00 to $52.00.
      • Limestone Township, Clarion County, PA increased Local Services Tax from $10.00 to $52.00.
      • Lower MacUngie Township, PA increased municipal resident tax rate from .5% to .65%.
      • Lower Saucon Township, PA decreased municipal resident rate from .75% to .5%
      • Meyersdale Boro, PA increased non-resident rate to 1%.
      • Mt. Carbon Boro, PA added non-res rate of 1%.
      • Plymouth Township, Montgomery County, PA increased municipal rate to .55%.
      • St. Marys, PA increased municipal resident rate to 1%.
      • Valencia Boro, Butler County, PA increased Local Services Tax from $10.00 to $52.00.
    • Rhode Island
      • SDI rate updated to 1.1% of taxable wages capped at $81,500 in wages or $896.50 in tax.

Year End Updates:

  • Fixed a “No 1099's available for Printing” error when completing a 1099 Reprint within Beyond.
  • Fixed an issue where last name spacing was being removed within W2 data in the event employees have more than one last name.
  • Completed version updates for the following W4's:
    • Hawaii
    • Kentucky
    • Maryland
    • Oklahoma
    • Oregon
    • Puerto Rico
    • Wisconsin

Self-Hosted Notes:

Login server changes require a manual SQL migration script (20220325_self-hosted_sql_migrations.ps1 from the TempWorks GitHub repository ) to be applied using appropriate paths:

> powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File .\20220325_self-hosted_sql_migrations.ps1 C:\ProgramData\TempWorks\config\login-server

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