Release Notes: 10/06/2017

Version ∞2017.10.6



  • Added a data field called “WOTC Eligibility” to the employee details page. This is blank by default but can be switched to eligible or not eligible. When Eligible, an icon will display under the employee avatar area.
  • Added a button to the hot list area called “Mass Assign to Order”. This button is located in the upper right corner of the hot list page and will assign employees in a hot list in mass when multiple employees have been selected. Note that this button will assign employees to the users last selected order.


  • Modified sPayrollAuthCheck to allow $0.00 payments per case so authority check items can be cleared out. This scenario happens when users have reversed the original employee’s check to correct the case number or if the adjustment over deducted and the authority adjustment will never deduct again.
  • Checks will always be numbered by the selected check sort in the payroll wizard. Previously, if you chose to post but not print the payroll run and email the check stubs, the checks would be numbered by the default check sort when returning to print the run.
  • Expanded the “Note” field on employee adjustments from a max of 50 characters to 1000 characters.


  • Made adjustments to Subpaycons runs in the payroll wizard. The consolidated check amount will now display the correct amount when the check contains an employee adjustment.
  • Users will no longer get an error when attempting to delete past jobs.
  • Fixed an issue where discounts would not be applied to monthly invoices.
  • Fixed an instance where flat rate discounts would be treated like percentage discounts during invoicing.
  • Corrected an issue where an employee's County Juris wouldn't clear out properly after filling out a Maryland W4.
  • Now including the original chkorsav value on reversing and voiding checks instead of leaving the record null. This is an added measure to prevent issues in regards to the payment lines of an ACH file.
  • An “Unable to drop table in sPrMagFormat_CSV_CA” error will no longer show when creating mag media files.
  • Added an icon that was missing on the Reprint a portion of the payroll run button when reissuing checks.
  • A GUID would previously appear instead of the check printing filters when reprinting check from the instant pay run wizard. Now the filters will appear as they are named and not the associated GUID.


  • Improved logic in the Ctxns trigger which may improve load times for loading non-daily hour timecard records.
  • Fixed the invalid column Aident error that some users may have received when using the activity tracker.
  • We have removed the feedback button from Enterprise in favor for our TempWorks community hub. We encourage you to check out the Community Hub by logging into Bridge and clicking on "Community", or directly via Your existing Bridge login can be used to log into the Community Hub.
  • Added SR permission to the Texting_GetCellPhone procedure. This will stop errors from occurring on service reps using the ZipWhip integration.
  • Added new and updated bank routing records.



  • Update the file path for the “Enable ISO Certification Questions” config. The star icons will no longer return a 404 error when reviewing timecards.
  • Users will no longer receive an error when navigating to the documents > reports tab in WebCenter Admin.


  • Optimized the wc_Customer_GetTimecardsPaged procedure to prevent timeout errors when loading the customer timecards page.



  • Corrected an OR tax calculations scenario where a negative tax is calculated due to an employee having personal exemption credits, additional withholding amount, and a check with a low gross. In this case the negative tax will zeroed and will no longer be deducted from the additional withholding amount.
  • Modified the OHRes config to have school taxes always flagged as resident taxes.

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