Authority Check Detail Report

Authority Check Detail

Purpose: This report allows you to view the details that went into each check sent to each authority. The report will print off each authority on a  separate page so it can be used to be sent into the authority along with the check in case you do not print off the detail with the check during the payroll run. This report is also very useful for going back and seeing how much was withheld from the employees check and from which check it came from in the case where an authority sends payment back to you or is questioning a payment. This report acts as a check register for authority checks.


1. Start Date: Starting date of your desired date range.

2. End Date: Ending date of your desired date range.

3. Payroll Run Id: Filters for the payroll run that they authority check was processed in.

4. Date Filter: A drop down determining what field your date range filters on.

a. Check Date of the authority check

b. Weekend Bill of the authority check

5. Authority Name: Filters for checks with the specified authority name.

6. Authority Check Number: Filters for a specific authority check number.

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