Release Notes: 06/03/16

Whats New Version ∞2016.6.3:

  • Merging contacts and employees copy all messages from Person A over to Person B. The difference now is that Person A’s messages are deleted.


  • Previously you couldn’t email invoices if you had the in customers setup to be separated by order and your timecard wasn’t completely posted. Now you’ll be able to email the invoice in this situation.
  • Updated Jonathan Alder SD tax rate to 1.25% per Vertex and OH website. 
  • Updated the QuickBooks Check Export to only use the payment ACH Run ID to group on for finding the sum of each ACH run.  Before it was using the prenote ACH Run ID if the payment one was null.  This could cause checks that were not part of any ach run to pull in accidentally.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the timecard import feeds list to appear replicated for imports with different weekend dates in the import itself.
  • New Hires report has been updated to only include the employees which were paid (exclude bill only and/or perm employees)
  • Timecard generator will change paycode now when you click off the screen instead of only updating when hitting the tab key.
  • When viewing a timecard image from the transaction history on the employee record, it would bring up a different page that was actually linked to the timecard. Now Enterprise will the display only the image that was actually linked to the timecard image.
  • Fixed some date and timezone issues when submitting data to E-Verify.


  • Corrected an issue that caused duplicate contacts to be left in outlook when adding a new contact via the TwOutlook plugin.
  • Fixed Outlook crashes that was effecting some users.


  • Fixed a bug that cause searching not to return results when searching by location.


  • Made an exception when checking for errors to allow for WebCenter timecards to be submitted if they had a payable adjustment on them.  This allows users to submit "Adjustment Only" timecards through WebCenter.

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