Release Notes: 03/31/2017

What's New Version ∞2017.3.31:

  • Added Worker Comp Code and Worksite State as column options in the Time Entry Grid. These columns are read only.


  • When updating Job Titles on an Order, the Job Description, Public Job Title, and Public Job Description no longer update unless the new Job Title has defaults.
  • Fixed the Tenant dropdown when creating web user accounts for contacts.
  • Added Vendor Support to PeopleNet Export. There will no longer be a hard stop for employees with no SSN if they have a CompanyIdent on their record.
  • Standardized HrCenter workflow/pages assignment modals. Now, when assigning workflows by either “Assign Additional HrCenter Page” or “Assign HrCenter Workflow” in the actions menu, the left side will be available workflow/pages, and the right side will be assigned workflows/pages.
  • Renamed the accrual checkboxes on the employee accrual setup window. The "Requires Assignment" and "Requires Customer" checkboxes have been renamed to "Requires Assignment Accrual" and "Requires Customer Accrual" for clarification.
  • Modified the assigned icon dropdown located below the employee avatar. The column header now reads "Active / Recently Active assignments for this employee".
  • The Branch zip code field is now required when creating a new Branch.
  • In All Options > HrCenter > Search, users can now search for a Step without selecting a Workflow first.
  • Updated an error message that could arise when attempting to assign workflows to employees from Enterprise. The error now states, “Email subaccount does not exist. Please contact Tempworks support to have a send mail account setup.”


  • Oregon state tax calculation will now factor in the Percentage override that can be set up in Employee > Pay Setup > Taxes.
  • Added two new Pennsylvania GeoLoc records for zip code 16301 (Sugarcreek Twp and Cranberry Twp).
  • Updated the Nevada Quarterly Unemployment file format.


  • Updated employee RecordOriginId to reflect “Apply Online” for HR Center Applicants.


  • Improved performance when loading web users in WebCenter.

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