PO Number Summary Report

PO Number Summary

Purpose:  Utilize this report to track purchase order details such as the amount, creation date, client it belongs to and more. This report along with the PO Number Transaction Detail give detailed insight to the status of PO's from beginning to end.


1. Branch: A drop- down list of all branches in the user’s current hierarchy. Is a multi-value parameter so they
can select all branches, just one specific branch or any combination of different branches in the list.

2. Date Filter: A drop -down determining what field your date range filters on.

a. PO Date Created on the PO

b. PO End Date on the PO

c. PO Warning Date on the PO

3. Active PO’s: A list of  filtering options to allow for selection of active and non-active PO’s.

Has the following options:

a. Active Only

b. In-Active Only

c. Show All

4. Group By: A list of different fields to group the data into on the report. Has the following options:

a. Branch

b. Customer/Department

c. PO Number Active Status

d. Date Filter

e. (no grouping)

5. Start Date: Starting date of your desired date range.

6. End Date: Ending date of your desired date range.

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