Release Notes: 03/22/2024

This release brings a complete redesign of the Registration Page within HRCenter, the Work Interests card within Beyond, tax updates, and additional fixes and improvements across TempWorks products.

*Note* For Self-Hosted clients, it is essential that the latest migration scripts are applied.  Additional information regarding these changes can be found within the Self-Hosted note at the bottom of this article.  As always, ensure you install all updates to give your users the best experience and new features.

The Highlights

HRCenter Registration Page Redesign

The registration page within HRCenter has been redesigned for an improved user experience, including an easy to navigate sign-in experience that is fully optimized for mobile devices.

Beyond - Work Interests

The “Work Interests” card has been added within Beyond > Employee > Details and contains the following fields/information:

  • Available Days
  • When Available
  • Location Preferred
  • Desired Pay

Additional Updates

In Beyond

  • Fixed an issue where tags on Tasks would still appear after the tags have been removed.
  • Fixed an issue where “Authority” records would show within the “Employees - New Applicants By Branch” Beyond Dashboard Widget.
  • Fixed an issue where contact records that were deactivated via custom “inactive” contact statuses would still appear within customer records.
  • After conducting an employee search and modifying the results via moving/hiding columns and/or changing sorting, navigating to a different page and then back to the search results will preserve the changes you’ve made to the search results.

In Enterprise

  • Fixed an issue preventing the updating of the Candidate Status.

In HRCenter

  • Updated the North Carolina W-4 based on state requirements.
  • Fixed an issue where the employee’s name would prefill in the incorrect order within the Wisconsin W-4.

In WebCenter

  • Fixed an error that would occur when attempting to edit an email address within WebCenter.

Tax Updates:

  • For Rio Rancho, New Mexico - Updated the Sales Tax rate to 7.4375%.
  • Completed the following tax updates:
    • Kentucky:
      • Added Adair (County), KY with a rate of 0.5%.
      • Added Columbia (City), KY with a rate of 1%.
      • Added Henderson (County), KY with a rate of 1%.
      • Added Jenkins (City), KY with a rate of 1.5%.
      • For Martin, KY - Increased tax rate to 1.5%.
      • For Marshall, KY - Decreased tax rate to 0.5%.
      • For Henderson, KY - Increased tax rate to 1.65%.
      • For Hickman (City), KY - Updated tax rate to 1.75%.
    • Ohio:
      • Added City of Canal Winchester & Violet Township, OH with a 2% JEDD tax rate.
      • Added Marysville - Jerome Township, OH with a 1.5% JEDD tax rate.
      • Added Raveena - Rootstown Township, OH with a 2% JEDD tax rate. administered by RITA.
      • Added Marion LSD, OH with a tax rate of 0.5%.
      • Added Blanchester LSD, OH with a tax rate of 1%.
      • For New Concord, OH - Increased tax rate to 2.25%.
      • For Hartville, OH - Increased tax rate to 1.5%.
      • For Saint Henry, OH - Increased tax rate to 1.5%.
    • Pennsylvania:
      • For Cressona Boro/Blue Mountain S D, PA - Updated LST rate to $52.
      • For North Towanda TWP/Towanda Area S D, PA - Updated LST rate to $52.
      • For Lansdowne/William Penn SD, PA - Updated LST rate to $52.
      • For Harrisville/Slippery Rock Asd, PA - Updated LST rate to $52.
      • For Lower South Hampton TWP/Neshaminy S D, PA - Updated the LST rate to $52.
      • For Narberth, PA - Added resident rate of 0.75% and non-resident rate of 0.75%.
      • For Newville BOR, PA - Increased resident rate to 2% and nonresident rate to 2.5%.
      • For Lansdowne, PA - Increased resident rate to 1% and nonresident rate to 1%.
      • For Bethel Park BOR, PA - Increase resident rate to 1%.

Self-Hosted Notes:

Login server changes require a manual SQL migration script (20240322_self-hosted_sql_migrations.ps1 from the TempWorks GitHub repository) to be applied using appropriate paths:

> powershell.exe -File .\20240322_self-hosted_sql_migrations.ps1 C:\ProgramData\TempWorks\config\login-server

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