Release Notes: 07/21/2017

Version ∞2017.7.21:



  • We are re-enabling the Application Version checking system. This is to ensure that users are not using outdated version of Enterprise.


  • Modified logic for assignment call tasks. Now, all assignment call tasks will be created by DailyMaint on the day the assignment was created.  The task due dates have also been modified to reflect the task admin setup and the assignment start date.
  • Modified the Order Register Report to include orders created and between the date range selected.
  • Changed the logic for the assignment active light to match the logic for active and inactive status filters on the Assignment Search.


  • Updated the Oregon New Hires Export Format to the latest specifications.
  • Fixed a primary key constraint error that could come up when processing payroll for an employee that has pay history in two different EINCs.



  • Added the ability to create custom “knocked out” messages in HrCenter Admin. Knock out in this case means an applicant had a bad answer to a question that would prevent them from being employed. (Saying they steal, like to fight coworkers, etc.)


  • Updated Spanish translations when applicants login. First name now reads as “Primer Nombre” (used to be Nombre de Pila) and last name now reads as “Apellido”. (used to be Nombre Familiar)
  • Removed the description text box when creating pages in HrCenter Admin.
  • Education and Work History pages will now show parsed resume fields right away rather than forcing the user to refresh the page.
  • Previously, when users attempted to change the branding color in HrCenter admin, the UI for it would appear way down at the bottom of the webpage and over to the right. This no longer occurs.
  • The education page end date validation would previously prevent users from submitting applications if the start date was marked as hidden. The end date validation will no longer do this.
  • Applicants will no longer receive an error when clicking the next button without first selecting a branch.
  • Updated the UK phone masking to correct an issue preventing users from being able to enter phone numbers into the Basic Info page.
  • The previous button will now send applicants back to the previous page that they were on even if the applicant was on the signature page.
  • Updated the manager check box validation to ensure that the validation is appearing.
  • Custom forms will no postfills will now default to fx_HRC_Employee_Postfill_DoNothing. This is to prevent errors from coming up when applicants are submitting custom forms that do not require a postfill.
  • Terms of Service will now show up properly on mobile.
  • In HrCenter Admin, clicking on the arrows to reorder steps in a workflow wouldn't always work properly. Now this does.
  • New primary direct deposit accounts created from a custom direct deposit page in HrCenter admin will now set the EINC properly. Applicants attempting to set up secondary deposit accounts will no longer get a value cannot be null error when submitting the page either.
  • Fixing the styling in the Accordion pages. The Education, Residential, References, Work History pages will appear like they have in the past.
  • Fixed the hide field dependency for radio button in the form builder (HrCenter Admin).
  • Corrected an issue that could cause dependencies a field with multiple dependencies to not work properly.



  • Timeclock Weekly Summary Report now respects order contacts. The report now will restrict the results to only show information about the employees who are assigned to one of the contacts orders.


Rate Changes:

  • Illinois updated withholding rate to 4.95%.

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