Apps OnTempworks Migration

In an ongoing effort to better service our hosted customers, TempWorks has upgraded our Remote Desktop environment. The new environment will have increased capacity, better security, improved performance and new technology.

As a result of the upgrade, we will be phasing out the method of connecting to your database.
This is necessary due to the age of the environment and Microsoft's ending of support for the 2012R2 operating system on 10/9/2018.

If you or your users are currently logging into, you will need to begin logging into Both connection methods will be available for use during a several month transition period.

There are two ways you may connect to the new environment.
1.  Open a web browser and navigate to
2.  If you would like apps.ontempworks in your start menu, follow the instructions How to Add an Enterprise Shortcut to the Desktop

A couple things to note:
1.  If you previously were selecting ENTERPRISE - AUTH SERVER, the Auth Server functionality has been incorporated into
2.  If you previously had mapped network drives you will not have to remap them. If your mapped network drives are no longer available, please contact support for assistance. If you are interested in mapping local directories to your "favorites" inside of RemoteApp see this article.
3. Review compatibility requirements and recommendations, they are even more important due to back compatibility issues with older unsupported Microsoft Operating systems such as Windows 7 (we recommend these systems be upgraded)
4. Be aware of issues affecting the RDP client used for TempWorks RemoteApp in recent versions of Windows 10 and update if you are affected by these issues.

The new environment has been in production since 8/16/2018.
We will send out further communication when a definitive date is set for when will no longer be available to users.

If you have any questions, please contact our support center at 651-452-0366.

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