Release Notes: 02/11/2022

Welcome to February!

The Winter Olympics are in full swing, "The Big Game" is on Sunday, and we've added the ability to merge employee records in Beyond!

Please read on to learn all about that new functionality along with all the other fixes across TempWorks products that have also been released. 

*Note* For all self-hosted clients, an additional note has been added within this article related to WebCenter being updated to .NET Framework 4.8. Please follow the instructions listed at the bottom of this article.

The Highlights

Beyond - Merge Employees

The ability to merge employee records has been added to Beyond.

*Note* While the process to merge employee records remains similar between Enterprise and Beyond, there are some differences to highlight.

For more information on this functionality, please see the article titled "Beyond - How to Merge Employee Records".

Additional Updates

In Beyond

  • Updated the "Advanced Permissions" functionality to allow for the editing of items that the user can't access because of permissions or advanced permissions.
  • Two Security based reports have been created to be used within Beyond:
    • Security Group Permissions: Shows all permissions, grouped by Security Group, with an “x” next to each permission a given Security Group has.
    • Security Group Membership: Shows list of Service Reps and which Security Groups they are a part of.
  • Updated the Sales Summary Report to be compatible with Beyond.
  • Updated verbiage for Resume Source and Match permissions:
    • Updated "Can Access Source and Match" to “Can access AI Resume Matching”.
    • Updated "Can edit Source and Match" to “Can administrate AI Resume Matching”.
  • Fixed “Unable to parse response” errors with Text-Em-All.
  • Fixed a visibility issue when editing the “Personal” card of a Contact record.
  • Fixed a visibility issue where recipients wouldn’t be displayed properly when composing an email.

In Enterprise

  • Fixed an error that would occur when running the “CARES Act PPP Loan Forgiveness Estimator” report.
  • Fixed a visual issue within the ACH Verification report.
  • Fixed a check number locking issue with Reissue check runs.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when assigning HRCenter workflows within Enterprise.
  • Improved performance with the Missing Timecards report.

In HRCenter

  • Fixed a “This field is required“ error that would occur after an employee completes their W4 within HRCenter.

In WebCenter

  • Fixed an issue where notifications were failing to send from WebCenter.
  • Fixed an issue where W2’s were unable to be accessed within WebCenter.

Tax Updates:

  • Updated the following tiers for the State FUTA Credit Reduction rates of 2022 based on information from the Department of Labor:
    • CA, CO, CT, IL, MA, MN, NJ, NY, PA = 0.3%
    • VI = 4.1%

*Note* Based on these tax updates, you may see greater than normal tax liabilities for state FUTA due to the system self-correcting back to 1/1/2022.

Year End Updates:

  • Fixed an error that would occur within the Data Integrity Check report related to employees previously having temporary Zip Codes.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect School District would show on an employee's W2.

For Self-Hosted Clients:

  • WebCenter has been updated to .NET Framework 4.8.

*Note* Self-Hosted clients will need to install hotfixes and ensure that .NET version 4.8 is installed on their webserver in order to continue using WebCenter. If hotfixes are not installed, and the .NET version is not 4.8, WebCenter will no longer function.

To determine if .NET Framework 4.8 has already been installed, Self-Hosted clients can do the following:

  1. Follow Microsoft's instructions via the following article "How to: Determine which .NET Framework versions are installed".
  2. Or, running this PowerShell script and if it returns "True" then the correct version of .NET Framework 4.8 is installed:
    • (Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full").Release -ge 528040

If .NET Framework 4.8 is not installed, it can be downloaded from Microsoft via the following link. Only the runtime is required.

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