Release Notes: 03/25/16

What’s New: Version ∞2016.3.25

  • Added a new config to show Unit bill rate on the customer timecard review tooltip under the timecards tab. The config is located for WebCenter Admins under the Config tab > Timecard category > "Timecard Tooltip Show Unit Bill Rate”.
  • Created a WebUserAccountLog table. This logs whenever a Web User’s account is a created or a username is modified. Keep in mind this will start recording changes going forward.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause a payroll run to not complete the posting process completely which would then cause close week issues.
  • Previously, when processing payroll and selecting the options “use epay checknumbers only”, “email pay stubs”, and “number and mark checks as printed”, the check stubs are emailed to the employees as expected, but you were only given the option to post but do not print when the emailing had occurred. This would leave the payrollrun in the Print a payroll run area and you had the ability to email the paystubs out again. Now the only option available will post the payroll run and mark the checks as printed so that the run doesn’t show in print a payroll run.
  • Results in the Pay Invoices area will now return faster.
  • Added Broadbean as a value in the HowHeardOfRoot table
  • Optimized the Tax Deposit Breakout Report
  • Added additional sales tax juris links for Ohio.
  • Some configs (InsertNullEINCOnAdvancedBank, HierOverrideSystemEnabled, & InsertNullEINCOnAdvancedBank) were conflicting with each other and creating adjustments at incorrect EINCs. Now they will not.
  • Updating anything on the customer details page would previously also update the activation date to the day you made your update. Now the activation date will remain the same when updating anything on the customer details page.


  • Hawaii prefill and postfill procedures have been added. (fx_HRC_Employee_Postfill_HawaiiW4, fx_HRC_Employee_Prefill_Hawaiiw4)
  • Massachusetts prefill and postfill procedures have been added. (fx_HRC_Employee_Postfill_Mass_W4, fx_hrc_Employee_Prefill_Mass_W4)
  • West Virginia prefill and postfill procedures have been added. (fx_HRC_Employee_Postfill_WestVirginaW4, fx_HRC_Employee_Prefill_WestVirginaW4)
  • DC prefill and postfill procedures have been added. (fx_HRC_Employee_Postfill_DCW4, fx_HRC_Employee_Prefill_DCW4)
  • An error would previously come up if you didn’t enter a value into the Additional Witholding fields 

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