Release Notes: 04/09/2021

Happy April! 🌼

*Note* For all self-hosted clients, as always, ensure you install all updates to give your users the best experience and new features.

Product Updates

In Beyond

  • Fixed an issue where some users were seeing an unexpected error when trying to edit or view customer default multiplier codes

In Buzz

  • When utilizing the federal timecard template, users will now be able to accurately enter third shift hours without receiving a warning about going over 24 hours. For more information about timecards in Buzz, check out Buzz - Timecard Entry Setup

In HRCenter: 

  • Ohio W4 was updated to match formatting changes

In WebCenter

  • The Timecards Create Days in Advanced config has been fixed to properly show future weeks when selecting the timecard weekend date from the calendar depending on the config value
  • Fixed an issue where some employees were receiving error messages when navigating to WebCenter 
  • Rejected Workflows from HRCenter will no longer show as pending in WebCenter

Tax Updates:

  • Sales tax for the following WA jurisdictions have been updated (effective 4/1/2021):
    • Port Townsend is changing to 9.1%
    • Jefferson is changing to 9.1%
    • Seattle is changing to 10.25%
    • Vancouver is changing to 8.5%
  • Updated withholding taxes for New Mexico
  • Updated local year end W2 electronic file for Columbus, OH to EFW2 format(same as the rest of OH)
  • Increased the Maryland Max Standard Deduction to $2,350 for withholding
  • Updated the Oregon Mag Media file to no longer remove employees that has OR State Income Tax but not OR SUTA taxes taken out
  • Ohio W4 was updated 

API Updates: (For Self-Hosted Clients) 

  • An update was made to API endpoints for the Melissa Address Standardization integration to fix a bug where address line 2 sent to Melissa was returning unexpected values that were not properly being handled in our system
  • New API Endpoints created for future features

*Note* Self Hosted Clients - 

There are SQL fixes being released in this release that will impact the Montana W-4 update that is slated for the 4/23 release. If you operate in Montana, please make sure to have all SQL fixes applied to your system before the 4/23 release updates to ensure your employees can continue to fill out the Montana W-4 in HRCenter.

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