Release Notes: 11/12/15

Enterprise (∞1511.12):

  • Added some fixed to prevent truncations errors in payroll.
  • Added a config to use a custom Extend Assignment procedure instead of the default one. (CustomExtendAssignProc)
  • Added a config so you can toggle whether the Extend Assignment copies over the adjustments or not. (CopyAssignmentAdjs)
  • Added Ctxnsother to the Missing Timecard report procedure. This report was showing the timecard as missing if they had no hours but had an adjustment amount.
  • WA L and I employee & company now allow for a rate of 0 to be entered. This can be changed in Administration > Worker Comp code.
  • Addressed a data truncation error that could come up during invoice runs. 
  • The rounding of unit bill rate was not consistent through the system. Changed the sInvRun procedure to use the configtype UnitRatePrecision to fix this.
  • Added AR Account column to the QuickBooks Invoice Payment export.
  • To coincide with us now calling GL Feeds "Journal Entry Exports", we changed the name of our GL Export report to GL Journal Entry Export.
  • Added an index to the tasks so that the periodic task fetch uses less CPU.
  • Reduced the frequency of HRConcourse's sync so that it only runs every third time frequent maint is ran. Reduces load on servers.
  • Turned off the ACA Financial Exposure by Branch widget since it was only displaying fake data.
  • Fixed logic on premployee accrue eligible delay so that when delay is met then all rows become eligible instead of a rolling eligibility.
  • Added a new Config Type to specify the number of days of data to retain for dispatcher. The default is 365 days (DispatcherDaysToKeep)
    • Employees that do not have an OrderId or Arrival Date will be removed.
    • Employees that have an Order ID will be compared on the Order Start Date.
    • Employees that do not have an Order ID will be compared on the Arrival Date.
    • The data is managed by Branch, so if you are in a specific branch only data for that branch will be cleaned up.
    • This deletes unneeded data in Labor_Employees, Labor_TransportationLink, and Labor_EquipmentCheckout tables.
  • Added Transaction Scope "Uncommitted" to select commands that could potentially cause deadlocks for Dispatcher.
  • Addressed an issue that would cause the pending balance column in pay invoices to show your payments as double.
  • Previously, when creating a new customer, Enterprise was setting the active status bit to 0. This caused the customer to be inactive when the prospect stating is set to implies active. It's now explicitly set to active on the quick add.  
  • On the invoice payments screen right before you're about to post payments, clicking "Cancel" instead of "Finish" will bring up a dialog that asks if you want to save your payments. Clicking on save and continue saves but it doesn't close out the invoice payments window. Now that window will close instead of popping up over and over.
  • Previously when you print a payroll and select 'Number and Mark Checks as Printed (no checks will be printed)' and click next, you would get two options stating 'Print this Payroll Run' and 'Mark this Payroll Run as Complete'. Only the 'Mark this Payroll Run as Complete' option was able to be clicked however. Due to this, you were forced to click this option and none of the checks in the payroll run would have check numbers. Now the only option available when you select 'Number and Mark Checks as Printed (no checks will be printed) is 'Post payroll but do not print'. This will number the checks and post the payroll run.
  • Inactive HrCenter steps will no longer show in Enterprise when assigning workflows and in the HrCenter search.
  • The cost center field was previously labeled as Entity under the edit transaction dialog when editing an invoice. This now displays as Cost Center.
  • You can now re-email invoices and paystubs in the actions menu under paybill.
  • Removed the accrual YTD on the check summary page in Enterprise.
  • The email discovery tool will no longer show duplicate email providers.
  • When voiding a check on the employee record and clicking on the "X" icon instead of cancel to close the window, the check would get stuck in prcheckreversal. This meant that if you attempted to void that same check, you'd be greeted with an error stating that this check is already a part of a reversal process. The check now clears out of prcheck reversal whether you click on cancel or the "X" icon.
  • The HrCenter search columns in Enterprise are now groupable.
  • EINC field in Worker Comp admin is now available to update in Enterprise.
  • Removed the entire functionality of the fx_reportactivityLog due to deadlocks originating from it.‚Äč


  • Fixed a timeout error that could come up when an employee attempted to click on the My Information tab link.
  • The problem was that when you change the link text in the wc_mvcactions table it would change the link text for nav items but the image would disappear. Now they will appear.
  • Fixed a problem where the membership provider reference was grabbing the application name from "this" instead of from a passed in value. We were seeing problems when users tried to log into WebCenter and it was grabbing the wrong application name. By passing the application name through the different functions the application name should stay correct.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when an employee had a null SSN/NIN and the timecard review page was viewed by the contact.


  • Updated the I-9 Prefill to limit State to 2 digits and ZIP to 5 digits to prevent data validation errors.
  • An error will no longer come up when a custom landing page is set for English but nothing was set for Spanish.
  • When editing steps for a workflow, navigating to the second page would make the steps "Date Created" info disappear. Now it will always be there.
  • PDF attachments will now append to the end of documents after a service Rep signs it. (ex. I9)

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