Release Notes: 10/13/2017

Version ∞2017.10.13



  • Added the option to display the “Cleared Date” field in the check register. Please note that this only displays when using the list view. Also, the “Date Cleared” field has also been added in the check extended details.


  • Previously, the public job title would not copy to the new order when using the order copy action from the actions menu. Now the public job title will.
  • Improved employer taxes & benefits calculated by percent of pay in cases where an employee had two transactions on a single check, but both transactions ended up on different invoices.
  • Corrected an instance where selecting “Leave message on invoice” from the invoice register would leave a message on the incorrect customer.
  • Added the Enterprise version number to the error notification window. This is in an effort to make troubleshooting outdated version issues easier.
  • The employee record will be updated with the appropriate WOTC Eligibility status when ADP, EQUIFAX, or CLARUS logs a contact message for the employee's eligibility.


  • Modified the txnsCalcGP procedure to calculate employer taxes more accurately when there is a SUTA correction on the check.
  • Fixed the spelling of the word, “Received” that is displayed on received contact records messages that posted from ZipWhip.
  • Previously, in situations where a service rep moved an order and chose the copy assignments option, duplicate assignments would get created if one of the assigned employee's SSN matched another records SSN. Duplicate assignments will no longer be created in this scenario.



  • Previously, interest codes that were at Entity level or below were not showing up on the skills page if the subcategory that they were in was at the same hierarchy level as their tenant. Interests will now show in this scenario.
  • An error will no longer come up for applicants attempting to start a third party integration (e.g. Clarus WOTC page) that do not have a value for their middle initial.



  • When viewing timecards details in various areas, the info tooltip boxes have been resized to fit all details of the timecard in the window with no scroll bars.
  • When vendors add candidates to an order, the “Candidates Submitted” number will always match what is entered in Enterprise for “Max Candidates Per Req” and no longer change based on employees assigned.


Rate Changes:

  • Updated the Municipal LST to $47 and Total LST to $52 on North Strabane TWP, Unity TWP, and Masontown Boro.
  • Sales Tax Rate updates for Texas:
    • Venus is changing to 0.0825% effective 2017-10-01  
    • Trent is changing to 0.0825% effective 2017-10-01   
    • Sunray is changing to 0.0825% effective 2017-10-01
    • Stockdale is changing to 0.0825% effective 2017-10-01   
    • Scurry is changing to 0.0825% effective 2017-10-01   
    • Ropesville is changing to 0.0825% effective 2017-10-01   
    • Pleak is changing to 0.0825% effective 2017-10-01   
    • Odem is changing to 0.0825% effective 2017-10-01  
    • Grandfalls is changing to 0.0725% effective 2017-10-01
    • Campbell is changing to 0.0775% effective 2017-10-01


  • Linked the zip code 43558 to County of Lucas Ohio sales tax jurisdiction.

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