Beyond - Sales Pipeline Dashboard


With the Sales Pipeline Dashboard, you will receive a real-time overview of your Prospect customers and their current Pipeline Status. With this information provided in a clear and easy to understand manner, this will lead to efficient decision-making, enhanced productivity, and increased revenue due to streamlined workflows and quicker placements.

*Note* The data presented within the Sales Dashboard is related to the hierarchy you are at within Beyond.

Security Permissions

To access/view the insight widgets that are presented within the Sales Dashboard, users will need to have access to the following insight widgets within their respective Insight Widget Security Group via B Menu > System Settings > Security > Insight Widgets:

  • Sales Dashboard - Estimated Value per Pipeline Status by Account Manager
  • Sales Dashboard - Pipeline Status Summary

*Note* The above two permissions are enabled by default within the “Tempworks Default - All Insight Widgets” Security Group.

The insight widgets can also be added to any other Insight Widget Security Groups that are required by your processes.

*Note* If you utilize custom Security Groups with Advanced Permissions, you will need to add the Access to the "Sales Dashboard" page to the Security Groups that require the functionality:

For more information on created custom Security Groups with Advanced Permissions, please see the following article titled "Beyond - Creating Security Groups with Advanced Permissions".

Utilizing the Sales Dashboard

Navigate to B Menu > Sales Dashboard:

Within the Sales Dashboard, you will see the insight widgets along with search parameters to find specific customer prospects.

*Note* To ensure the dashboard is showing the prospect data as intended, it is highly recommended that best practices are being followed when creating/managing customer records. This includes but it not limited to:

  • Adding the intended Account Manager to the customer record via Customer > Visifile > Sales Information > Account Manager
  • Maintaining the intended Sales Pipeline Status via Customer > Visifile > Sales Pipeline > Pipeline Status
  • Updating the customer status once the customer is no longer a prospect via Customer > Visifile > Snapshot > Status

Pipeline Status Summary

Shows, at a glance, the amount of prospect customers within specific Sales Pipeline statuses.

Estimated Value per Pipeline Status by Account Manager

Shows, at a glance, the estimated value of prospect customers per specific Sales Pipeline statuses.

Prospect Searching

You can utilize the following search parameters to identify specific prospects:

  • Customer Status
  • Pipeline Status
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Team
  • Estimated Value Frequency

You can also right-click on the header to select additional column options:

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