ACA Re-Evaluation Process

Re-evaluation is useful to show an audit trail that the employee was reviewed at the end of their measurement period and appropriately classified for their upcoming ACA cycle. Re-evaluation will also build the future ACA cycle for the employee.

Identifying Employees who need to be Re-Evaluated:

To identify employees who need to be re-evaluated locate the ACA Employee Cycles report, Navigate to reports (1.), ACA (2.), Employee Cycles (3.).

To run the report, select the date parameter of "Date Filter" Measurement Period End Date. The start date will be the last date of your company's standard measurement period; the end date is the date you are running the report. Select the option to "Show" Assigned Employees.

Recording a Re-Evaluation on the employee record:

To record a re-evaluation, access the employee record and select pay setup form (1.).  In the Affordable Care Act section, next to the ACA status field select the edit icon (2.). 

The "Update ACA Details" window will display: 

Select the Employee's status in the New Status field.

*Note* Even if the Employee's status will remain the same, you must still select the status to allow Enterprise to record the re-evaluation.

*Note* If the employee is an Administrative Status other than " Administration" IE: Measurement, Overdue etc, the service rep making this change will need to have the ACA Super User Security Role in order to change the Status. If you do not have this permission, please contact TempWorks or your TempWorks Administrator. 

ACA Super Users can click on the pencil icon on the "Update ACA Details" window. Clicking on the pencil icon will change the options to the following:

Set the New Status, enter the Employee's original hire date in the Hire Date field, select Save to finalize. After your company has completed an entire ACA Cycle there is no longer a need to run the Lookback reports on a weekly or monthly basis. All employees at that point will have been put on the ACA radar by one of the following:  

  • By being hired during your first complete cycle
  • Through your ACA Initialization
  • Through your lookback audits during the first ACA cycle 

From this point forward you will want to utilize the above process to determine which of your employees have completed their measurement period and need to be re-evaluated.

*Note* If your company does not have a hard stop on the assignment for employees who do not have ACA coding, incorporate your operational process identifying employees who are working for you who do not have ACA coding and therefore are not on the ACA radar.  The easiest way to identify these employees is by running the ACA Employee Details report.  Select the criteria to show currently assigned employees and employees missing an ACA Hire date.

Leave the date filters NULL and click the View Report Button. This report will give you a list of the employees that need to be coded with an ACA Hire Date and an ACA Status.

*Note* Incorporate this report into a weekly or monthly operational process to ensure that you're staying on top of ACA coding and alleviating a large backlog of coding at one time.  

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